Sprout. Baby Plan

FBCoverTemplet-copywhy Spout. Baby Plan?

Sprout. Baby Plan is something that I am very excited to offer! Why? Because I made the mistake, as most people today, of placing my baby’s memories in the hands of technology. Until it crashed, and every digital image of BOTH of my kids were gone just like that. That’s it! Could you imagine my devastation? Now lets be honest… these days there aren’t many people actually printing. And to make matters worse, even after hiring a photographer, people are walking away with only digitals and forgetting to print them. Because of this, the current generation of children will not have the privilege of sharing their baby pictures with their own children.

My mission is to provide families with TANGIBLE memories of their baby’s first year <3

Sprout. Baby Plan gives parents the opportunity to capture important milestones throughout baby’s first year and have them to love and to hold till death do part. Seriously… they will most likely out live all images saved on your phone, usb and/or computer. As a Sprout. Baby Plan’er, you will receive a total of 3 milestone sessions including the 1st year milestone! Plus baby will receive a complimentary family session as a gift to be used during the second year. All for just $550.

What an even sweeter deal?
Book Sprout. Baby Plan during your newborn session and receive it for only $250!

How does it work?

Milestone sessions are usually based on child’s developmental stages. Examples of milestones stages are tummy time, grabbing toes, sitting, standing, and self-feeding. To get the most stages captured in the Sprout plan, I like to recommend plan session be scheduled around baby’s 4th month, 7th month, and 11th month for 1st Birthday. If you would like to customize your baby’s milestone stages, that can be done as well. Please Note: it is important to mention that all Sprout sessions must be completed by the baby’s first birthday.

After each session we will schedule your viewing and ordering day. This is when you will see your images for the first time and place your order. I ask that all members responsible for choosing and ordering be present during this time. Scheduling a second viewing is offered for an additional $100.

Clients who spend these amounts at EACH session will receive the following gift at the end of plan

$300 level – Slideshow
$500 level –  16×16 expression panel
$800 level – 10×10 1st year album

Product Pricing Guide available upon request

This year I look to add a few special moments events that I will be needing models for. By being a part of Sprout, you will be notified for the chance to take advantage and add these special moment images to your series before everyone else.